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Pay In Full (price per person)

Pay In Full (price per person)

Mind, Body and Soul Yoga Retreat - February 15-19, 2022
Traveling with someone?  You will have the option to request a roommate by name.Your extremely spacious suite provides an astonishing view of Lake Coatepeque, as well as AC, Wi-Fi, Cable TV, and even a kitchen!
SKU: MBS1-Shared
  • What's The Room Like?

    Private bathroom, air conditioning, wifi, cable TV, kitchen, and more!

  • Refund Policy

    Please see our Terms & Conditions (link at bottom of page).

  • Who Will Be Sharing the Suite with Me?

    If you are traveling with someone, we will pair you together so that you can share a suite.  If you are traveling alone, we will pair you with another guest based on gender and other factors.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions/concerns you may have.

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