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We are on a journey
A journey of transformation, Through Yoga, Breath, and Travel

Initially this amazing group of women were brought together through the practice of yoga, Doralicia Flores our founder has become close friends through shared passions for personal growth, well being and adventure, which has let them to co- host numerous of charitable events, workshops, and be part of premier self care conferences & festivals in Philadelphia, New Jersey and New York.

Collectively this group of leaders hope to bring you to a transformative adventure where you get to practice with skillful facilitators of Central and South America.

Our Retreats have been carefully curated to inspire a healthy lifestyle, connect cultures and create lifelong memories. Treat yourself to an experience of transformation and work with our facilitators to restore balance in your life,

find inner peace and live your best life. 

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Our Story



Meet Doralicia our Founder

She wanted to see herself through the eyes of a yogi.

Doralicia asked one of her yogi friends to write a description of her classes.


This is what Alexa wrote: Dora Flores' experience and expertise cannot be confined to the trainings she's completed or the workshops she has attended. The wisdom she embodies is evident from the moment you step through her door. She encapsulated the energy of a truly devoted yogi with warmth, her authenticity, and the intricately crafted classes she creates.

Dora simultaneously making you feel like the only person she sees in a full room, while also making you feel infinitely connected to your sisters beside you. She feels committed to inviting cultural roots, soulful expression, and playful practice into each moment shared with you.

If you are looking for a heart opening exposure to Yoga, a true heart opening practice look no further than Dora Flores.

She will for sure stimulate your censes through Sound Therapy, Essential Oils and The Power Of Touch. 

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Gabriela is passionate about helping her students learn how to be content and accepting of themselves through the practice of yoga and meditation. Her classes are based on the strength of the Ashtanga Yoga, the alignment of Iyenger and the flow of Vinyasa. She dives into the soul during her classes, combining Asana (posture), Pranayama (breathing techniques), and meditation. Gabriela puts her full heart into each class and is known for bringing more understanding, happiness, freedom, self awareness and support to her students' lives. She is fascinated with the philosophy of yoga and its culture and continues to explore new modalities.  



Molly has a deep understanding of yoga, Reiki, meditation and Ayurveda. Her love of the holistic world shines through in her creative and authentic classes. She invites her students to be fully present and at peace during her classes, allowing them to leave feeling refreshed and ready to let their inner light shine. Molly is an air sign and enjoys finding ways to create balance through her connection to the elements of fire, water and earth. She also loves nature and has a genuine appreciation for the moon and the energy it gives us.


Bryan Betancur

Meet Bryan Betancur a Musician and Holistic Therapist.

Bryan is from Cali Colombia with 5 years of experience sharing holistic tools through meditation, plant medicine and ancestral ceremonies all for the development of the soul.

International Retreats is honor to have Bryan as part of our retreats in Colombia.

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