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Upcoming Events

If you're curious about our yoga instructors, or simply want to maintain your practice from home, we invite you to partake in our free offerings conducted via Instagram Live
from the comfort of your own space.

Simply visit our Instagram page for all upcoming free classes & other events:


I feel blessed to have Dora as my yoga teacher.  Her class feeds your spirit and nourishes your soul.  There is a different feel than the traditional vinyasa class in the way she incorporates new movements, essential oils and pranayama.  You leave class feeling calm, enlivened, refreshed and transformed.

- Kristen S.

Mi primera clase de Yoga tuve la suerte de tomarla cuándo Doralicia la dió en mi gym.  No sabía que esperar de la clase, y mucho menos de la instructora.  Puedo decir que al terminar la clase me quedé sorprendida de lo bien que me sentí.  No sólo físicamente sino emocionalmente.  La clase fue una experiencia divina.  Una paz total!  Desde ese momento me inscribí a todas las clases con Doralicia.  Gracias a ella soy fan de Yoga!   Súper recomendable! Excelente ser humano!  Gracias por existir!

-Marcela F.

I have taken several yoga classes led by Doralicia and my experience has always been truly rejuvenating, enoyable, and deeply comforting.  She exudes love and compassion with the most gentle approach to her craft.  She loves teaching and always expresses her passion at the moment.  Her authentic and non-judgemental guidance is a true healing experience.  The sounds, aromas, and gentle touch that Dora incorporates into her classesall create an atmosphere of pure relaxation.  Her talent is undeniable and gratifying for both restorative and advances yoga.

- Katherine O.

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